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  The Niche  is the perfect musical choice for for your most important event.  We're the experts in combining custom -produced "tracks" with live performances by

some of New York's elite singers and musians.

  The result - a dynamic live stage presence combined with the powerful sound of a top DJ.  There's something special for

your guest of all ages.

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  The Niche is dedicated to keeping your guests on the dance floor all night. Our music never stops and our extensive song repertoire and unique musical process allows us to perfectly customize to your specifications. We'll work with you to help create the musical vision for your party - and when it's time to take the music to the next level - that's our time to shine. From planning through presentation - Our goal is to give you an exceptional experience. We're not satisfied unless you're thrilled.

  Best of all, The Niche is customizable -meaning that you can add additional live performers as you prefer. Choose the original four piece Niche - or expand the group to create a larger  stage show with any combination of live instruments and singers you want. Our production method allows us to seamlessly add on to the original group. A very popular option is a 5 piece band-DJ combination,

  See examples of the expanded Niche band on our VIDEO page.

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    Expanded Niche ( 6 Piece)

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