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  If you love the saxophone, but want something more special than a Sax/DJ

combination - THE SAX DUO is the perfect choice.  It's The Niche's two lead musicians Mel on tenor sax and John on keyboards -

expertly mixed with our propietary drum, bass, and percussion tracks. Unique and organic - THE SAX DUO performs a smooth mix of jazz, r & b and pop classics and will give your event a distinctive live band feel.


  THE SAX DUO is designed to create the perfect mood for your special occasion. With our extensive song repertoire, we create a customized soundtrack for your cocktail hour, (choose flute or sax) celebration dinner, house party, or corporate affair. For any event requiring stellar live music that really sets the mood -

THE SAX DUO is a wiiner!

  Check out some live samples below...


  THE SAX DUO can be expanded and combined with our DJ as well. 


Steely Dan


Bold Title


Classic Jazz with Fresh Beats

It Had To Be You / Triste

Swing and Latin

Classic Jazz with Fresh Beats

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